Machining: CNC, Bar turning and Transfer




We machine and turn a full range of parts using transfer machines, CNC and automatic multi-spindle lathes.

We work with a wide range of materials: brass, steels, bronze, copper, zamak, polyamides, acetal resins, aluminium, iron…

ISO-9001 Certified.

Extensive experience in the machining and bar turning sector, working metals since 1929.


Centring on a wide range of sectors: automobile, heavy machinery, renewable energies, gas, construction, water, central heating…

Our motivation is the job well done!


Work sections

Our CNC Work Section is based on two clearly differentiated activities: 4-axis, multi-function machining centres, plus the latest generation CNC lathes (motorised, various headstocks, sub-spindle…).

Our machinery is technologically advanced and always centred on in-series machining. We are specialists in the production of highly complex parts…

Technical office

ISO 9001 Certified.

Our workforce is highly trained and fully qualified to effectively carry out all of our production processes, under the supervision of our Quality Department.


Our goal is to ensure permanent and ongoing improvement, throughout the company, so that we can offer our customers maximum quality in terms of service and our machined products.


We run daily production checks, draw up regular dimensional reports and capacity studies, and make use of a variety of measuring methods.

The most important thing is our customer’s satisfaction

We turn a variety of materials (brass, steels, bronze…).

We have 8 automatic, fully equipped multi-spindle lathes that ensure highly automated production, with a great capacity for the manufacture of complex parts…

In our Transfer Section we machine parts that have already passed through a range of processes: such press forming, forging, casting, injection, profile cutting, etc.

This is the company’s oldest Section. We have a wide and diverse range of machinery with up to 12 machining units…


C/Miquel Torelló i Pagès, 58 y 61. Polígon Industrial El Plà. 08750. Molins de Rei.
Barcelona, España.

Phone: (+34) 93 668 08 92

Fax: (+34) 93 668 63 54