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Machining Workshop: CNC, Bar-turning and Transfers

Empresa de mecanizado


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Industrial parts manufacturing and machining company

Mecanizados Inter 2000 SLU we are a company founded in 1929 with extensive experience in the field of machining and bar turning. Certified by SPG (ISO-9001). 

We mechanize, using transfer and cnc machines, all kinds of parts from prefabricated items as varied as:

fine cut

Bar-cutting pieces
zamak injection

aluminum injection

We work with a wide variety of materials: brass, steel, bronze, copper, zamak, polyamides, acetal resins,…

Our machining is based on excellent materials from Europe, with demanding quality specifications.

We are specialists in complex parts and mass production.

We have two work centers: a transfer section with polishing machines and a section with multi-spindle thrones (bar-cutting) and cnc.

Initially focused on machining taps, we currently provide service to various sectors: automotive, heavy machinery, renewable energy, gas, fluid construction (valves, fittings,...), irrigation, sports and recreational machinery, sanitary, etc.

We are motivated by a job well done!





Mecanizados Inter2000 aspires to be a leading company in the sector (bar turning, transfer, cnc machining).




Our mission is to mechanize and bar turn at competitive prices (market) with high standards of quality and service, seeking permanent adaptation to the needs of our customers, always collaborating together to improve profitability.




  • Commitment / Honesty /Collaboration / professionalismExperience / Versatility / Teamwork / Flexibility

Turning 90 years sums up nine decades machining.

Many years of effort and work by a human team to thank for their time and professionalism.

Gone is our machining workshop in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, small and provided only with lathes to which transfer machines and machining centers were added.

We are the fourth generation, the compendium of all those who have preceded us and our dream is to continue doing what we like, reflecting it in each piece.

To everyone who has accompanied us here, staff, suppliers and customers, thank you very much!

We have a lot to do, to mechanize, to live.

Isabel Hernandez Subirachs

Asistimos a la feria Advanced Factory

Asistimos a la feria Advanced Factory

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C/Miquel Torelló i Pagès, 58 and 61, "El Plà" Industrial Estate. 08750. Molins de Rei.
Barcelona, Spain.

Phone: (+34) 93 668 08 92


Mecanizado certifcado por ISO 9001: mecanizado cnc, mecanizado de decoletaje, mecanizado transfer.
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