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Maching: CNC, Bar turning and Transfer

We are Mecanitzats Inter 2000 SLU, a companyfounded in 1929with extensive experience in the machining and bar turning sector. Certified by SPG (ISO-9001). 

Using transfer and CNC machineswe can machine a full range of parts that have passed through a series of different prefabrication processes, such as:


Press forming
Fine blanking

Torneu parts
Zamak injection

Aluminium injection

We work with a wide range of materials:brass, steels, bronze, copper, zamak, polyamides, acetal resins…

Les parts d'aquest material s'utilitzen mitjançant una qualitat EU materials que han estat subjectes a demanda qualitat specifications.

We arespecialist in complex parts and in-series manufacturing.

We havetwo Work Centres:1 Transfer Section with polishing machine, plus a Section that uses multi-spindle lathes (bar turning) and CNC.

Inicialment centre en maquinatge de faucets i fittings at present moment we provide services to a wide range of different sectors: automobile, heavy machinery, renewable energies, gas, fluid systems (valves, fittings…), irrigation, sports and leisure , sanitary fittings, etc.

La motivació és un job well done!



C/Miquel Torelló i Pagès, 58 i 61, Polígon Industrial El Plà. 08750. Molins de Rei.
Barcelona, Espanya.

Phone: (+34) 93 668 08 92

Fax:(+34) 93 668 63 54



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