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Maching: CNC, Bar turning and Transfer

In the Transfer Sectionwe machine parts that have been prefabricated in various ways, such as: stamping, forging, càsting, injection, section cutting, etc.


On the other hand, we can alsomachine a wide range of materials:brass, steels, aluminis, bronze, polyamides, acetal resins...




  • Extensive experience. El company's oldest section with personal on have been working in the sector for over 25 years.
  • An extensive and diverse range of transfer machinery. We can count on the right machine per any indret de part, guaranteeing competitive costs.
  • Transfer machines with up to 12 machining units que allow for multitude of simultaneous operations.
  • Specialists in work that is demanding in terms of tolerances.
  • Highly competitive in-series work with minimum de 2,000 units.
  • We can do the press forming work along with polishing, chroming, zinc coating or other surface finishes, allowing us to hand over finished parts.
  • We have 2 machines that test the seal-tightness of the parts, onze machined, should the customer so require.





  • 7 horitzontal transfer machines
  • 3 vertical transfer machines
  • Up to 12 machining units
  • 2 seal-tightness testing machines.





  • Sanitary fittings

  • Automobile

  • Gas fittings

  • Fluid systems (valves, fittings…)

  • Cold systems

  • Irrigation

  • Parts for compressors


C/Miquel Torelló i Pagès, 58 i 61, Polígon Industrial El Plà. 08750. Molins de Rei.
Barcelona, Espanya.

Phone: (+34) 93 668 08 92

Fax:(+34) 93 668 63 54



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