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Machining: CNC, Decolletge and Transfers

Inter2000 machining will befounded 1929by D. Jesús Galindo Abad, avi i besavi of the current direction (fourth generation).


In its origins,a machining workshop dedicated to the water sector, forming part of the important cluster in the "Baix Llobregat" area that brought together more than 70% of the total national manufacture of second-hand aixetes.


In 1997 it is realitzen important canvis:  it is constituted with a Societat Limitada, expands its six facilities, modernizes its processes and begins to donate services to more than one of the aixetes to other sectors such as : gas, heating, automotive, etc. Always working under rigorous quality standards that our suppliers also demand.


We feel proud of our business trajectory and of pertànyer to metallurgy for its contribution to the progress and technological growth of the country.


We think that the experience of our human team is one of our main acts. A philosophy that has always supported the activity of this company.


C/Miquel Torelló i Pagès, 58 and 61, El Plà Industrial Estate. 08750. Molins de Rei.
Barcelona, Spain.

Phone: (+34) 93 668 08 92

Fax:(+34) 93 668 63 54



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