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Machining: CNC, Bar turning and Transfer

Machining Inter2000 has beenISO 9001 certifiedsince 2003.

Our personnel are qualified and have been well trained in all of our production processes, and work under the supervision of a Quality Manager.


Our commitment to Quality obliges us to constantly review and improve all of our manufacturing and management processes, and also to maintain a tight control and ensure the effectiveness of the complete system.


Our goal is to ensure an ongoing process of permanent improvement, throughout the company, in order to offer our customers the highest possible levels of quality in terms of both our services and our machining (bar turning, transfer and CNC) products.

The most important thing is our customer's satisfaction



C/Miquel Torelló i Pagès, 58 and 61, El Plà Industrial Estate. 08750. Molins de Rei.

Phone: (+34) 93 668 08 92

Fax:(+34) 93 668 63 54



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